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Co-Founder | Server Administrator | Builder of Pointlessly Awesome Things JOINED OCTOBER 2016

About Me

I am Ean M, AKA Burn_E99, and I am one of the two Co-Founders of this server, the second being terris888. I am a Freshman in college studying Computer Engineering, and in my free time, I play on this server with my friends. I am an avid Redstone builder, and given time, I like to build insanely large things. I started playing Minrcraft back in 1.2.4, and have played in multiple modded worlds and vanilla worlds, especially in my original world, generated back in 1.2.4 with only vertical logs.

I have moderated on multiple servers in the past, and am now in a "Hall of Rememberence" for a server I played on for multiple years and became a core member of. I prefer to build massive builds that are quite overkill at the time of building, but eventually become quite essential to the server/world it is built in. I hope to keep this server running for the foreseeable future, and am unsure of whether or not the server will expand ever, but I am hoping to introduce many things that will be shared with the community.