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The thing we don't want to talk about, but need to keep us in check

How the system works

The system will be simple, first three strikes, you are banned for a week. If you three more strikes within the month following the unban, you are banned for a month. Finally, if you get three more strikes, you will be permanently banned.

Strikes will "disappear" one month after they are acquired, but if you consistently get two strikes per month (for 2+ months), the following warning will be given: "If you have one more month with two strikes, you will be banned for a month."

Banning due to strikes will be ruled by the current active strikes, and the monthly strikes will be ruled off of the month they were assigned. Only the Server Administrator is allowed to edit this, but strikes will be discussed with at least one non-involved person before being applied.

Active Strikes/Ban Log

Officially assigned strikes

  • Username (Name) - Reason (Proof if CoP logs) {Rule} [A:Assigned Date (MM/DD/YY), E:Expire Date (MM/DD/YY)]
  • lil_minister () - Lava trap/trick above chest (Proof if CoP logs) {#11} [A:(4/20/17), E:(5/21/17)]

Inactive Strikes/Bans

Officially assigned strikes that have expired, kept for records only

  • Username (Name) - Reason [A:Assigned Date (DD/MM/YY), E:Expire Date (DD/MM/YY)]
  • lil_minister () - BAN FOR WEEK [A:1/24/17, E:2/1/17]
  • lil_minister () - Lava pillar near spawn () {#1} [A:1/22/17, E:2/23/17]
  • lil_minister () - Not filling in creeper holes in desert () {#2} [A:1/24/17, E:2/25/17]
  • lil_minister () - Griefing Spawn Nether Portal on Nether side (proof of TnT) {#1} [A:1/24/17, E:2/25/17]

Active Stike Counter

Current active strikes in a number format, you should be at 0 strikes

  • Burn_E99 (Ean M): 0
  • terris888 (Terris W): 0
  • RocketShip3k (Tyler B): 0
  • RayOfLight17: 0
  • lil_minister (): 1

Total Stike Counter

All strikes in a number format, kept for records only

  • Burn_E99 (Ean M): 0
  • terris888 (Terris W): 0
  • RocketShip3k (Tyler B): 0
  • RayOfLight17: 0
  • lil_minister (): 4